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L’accompagnatore universale per ogni tipo di caccia. Polivalente, pratico e con un enorme campo visivo. L’obiettivo da 45 mm con trattamento multistrato Carl Zeiss T* produce una trasmissione delle immagini eccezionale, ben oltre il tramonto, grazie all‘utilizzo di vetri alla fluorite. Gli 8 ingrandimenti sono ideali per le più comuni distanze di osservazione.

Scheda tecnica

Modello RF
Ingrandimenti 8x
Diametro obiettivo 45 mm
Diametro pupilla d'uscita 5,6 mm
Valore crepuscolare 19
Campo visivo a 1000 m 125 m
Distanza minima focalizzazione ca.5,5 m
Compensazione diottrica +/-3,5 dptr
Estrazione pupillare 16 mm
Distanza interpupillare 54-76 mm
Tipo obiettivo Acromatico a 4 lenti
Tipo prismi Abbe-Koenig
Riempimento di azoto si
Classe laser 1
Tenuta stagna 400 mbar
Durata batteria 10000 misurazioni
Durata garanzia 05
Peso netto ca 995 g
Lunghezza 167 mm
Larghezza 135 mm







Innovative high-performance optics

The high-performance optics ensure brilliant, bright and pin sharp images. Fluoride glass and the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating enhance the razor-sharp detail, the colour intensity and the image brightness, particularly in twilight conditions. Along with the wide fields of view and the exceptional close-range performance, the LotuTec® coating is the benchmark for clear visibility in wet conditions.


Laser rangefinding technology

The laser rangefinder enables you to measure distances within a second. The scan mode offers a high-precision interplay of state-of-the-art laser rangefinding technology and high-performance optics.  This means that you can use a particularly narrow measuring field to measure small and moving targets, such as passing birds of prey, precisely and with repeat accuracy. Even in poor light conditions.


Repeat accuracy and precise measurement

In less than half a second from releasing the one-touch measuring button you will see with reliability and precision the exact distance to your target. It is possible to measure distances of up to 1200 metres. Determine the exact position of the nests of ground-breeding birds in the accurate and quick One-Touch mode or establish with accuracy the migration height of cranes and geese in Scan mode. The laser rangefinder offers you unimagined possibilities in perfect precision.

Comfortable operation

The large additional button that operates the rangefinder is situated comfortably close to the focussing wheel. You only have to move your index finger to switch between precise focussing and the rangefinder. This exceptionally relaxed holding position means that your fingers don't get tired, even during lengthy measuring sessions. The second button, the SET button, allows you to choose between three different displays. Using this one, you can decide whether you want the distance to be displayed in metres/centimetres or yards/inches. Naturally, the Victory RF also offers important information for hunting. You can use the SET button to activate or deactivate the BIS® and to select the ballistic programme appropriate for the trajectory path.


Long-lasting magnesium housing

Extremely lightweight, extremely durable: the solid magnesium housing, with its shock-absorbing rubber armour, is always well protected. The waterproof and dustproof construction and the nitrogen filling ensure reliable function and condensation-free inner workings even under extreme conditions.

Robust design

Designed to be highly robust, the Victory RF also benefits from strong design elements. Unlike other systems with a third laser eye, the Victory RF has a fully integrated laser system, which means it can always be adjusted with precision, even in the face of severe shaking.


Made in Germany

A revolution in design, ergonomics and optics. The perfect “Made in Germany” all-rounder combines ZEISS quality with state-of-the-art technology. Plus, these binoculars represent an outstanding price performance ratio. All this makes CONQUEST HD the uncompromising entry into the premium class of Carl Zeiss.


Innovative lens coating

Enjoy fascinating image quality whatever the weather. Water simply rolls off the lens as it does from a lotus leaf or off a duck's back. This is due to the LotuTec® coating on the lens and eyepiece. The fact that water simply rolls off and no dirt can collect on the surface of the lenses means that you can spend less time cleaning and more time observing nature.