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Il Duralyt 3 – 12 x 50 è predestinato per i tiri a media e lunga distanza. La sua ottica brillante e gli elevati ingrandimenti ne fanno uno strumento adatto ad ogni evenienza, dalla posta diurna fino all’oscurità. E nonostante le prestazioni è straordinariamente compatto ed leggero: ideale anche per carabine leggere e fucili basculanti.

Scheda tecnica

Ingrandimenti 3-12x
Diametro tubo centrale 30 mm
Campo regolazione 100 m 110 cm
Diametro obiettivo 50 mm
Diametro pupilla d'uscita 16,3-4,2 mm
Valore crepuscolare 8,5-25,9
Campo visivo a 100 m 11-3,2 m
Regolazione per clic a 100 m 1 cm
Reticoli 60
Piano dell'immagine reticolo 2
Distanza esente da parallasse 100 m
Estrazione pupillare 90 mm
Riempimento di azoto si
Tenuta stagna 400 mbar
Temperatura funzionamento -25/+50°C
Diametro campana obiettivo 56 mm
Diametro tubo oculare 42 mm
Campo regolazione diottrie +2/-3 dpt
Con scina no
Durata garanzia 10
Peso netto 580 g
Lunghezza 347 mm











Uncompromising and reliable

Uncompromisingly robust and reliable, Duralyt promises the best possible functional reliability even in the most extreme conditions. During intensive periods of use you can take full advantage of the individual strengths of the Duralyt models - for driven hunts, deerstalking or stand hunting, by day and in the twilight.

Outstanding image quality

Image quality and image brightness are both outstanding. This is due to the modern multi-layer coatings, which ensure a higher level of light transmission. The wide field of view and the safe eye relief are further evidence of a well balanced, secure system.

Made in Germany

Quality and innovation are in our very nature. It is our aim to perfect the experience in the wild. With Made in Germany optics, technology and design, which satisfy the highest requirements and constantly set new standards.

Fine and bright illuminated dot

Minimal target coverage and best visibility - that is the beauty of the fine and bright illuminated dot. And since it is located on the 2nd image plane it maintains its fine definition even during changes in magnification.

Simple push-button brightness regulation

Two firm, rubberised, push-button controls - plus and minus - make it easy to adjust the brightness in a secure and continuous manner.

Tried and tested LotuTec® coating

Keep your target clearly in sight whatever the weather. Water simply rolls off the tried and tested LotuTec® coating, ensuring clear visibility even in rain and snow. This innovative protective layer also makes it quick and easy to remove dust and dirt.

Modern design

The design, with its dark grey Eloxal finish, is perfect for use on modern everyday rifles. Eloxal is an environmentally friendly surface finish that offers reliable protection against scratches. The anodised surface also reduces care and maintenance to a minimum.


Superior operation

The modern design of the Duralyt riflescopes looks visually appealing with its dark grey, anodised surface finish. At the same time, the jet black, rubber operating elements ensure the superior operation of all functions.
Secure function even under extreme conditions

Secure function even under extreme conditions

Duralyt riflescopes have withstood extreme tests in our laboratories, with greater frequency and severity than they would normally be subjected to during actual use. The result is secure function, which you can rely on in the great outdoors even under the most extreme conditions from -25 to +50° Celsius.

Simple ring mounting

The 30 mm ring mounting system enables the Duralyt riflescopes to be mounted on all rifles in common use. The 30 mm ring mounting system simply offers a wider range of options. It is therefore suitable for virtually all rifles in common use and every type of mounting element.

Lightweight and compact construction

The riflescope body is made from one massive piece of aluminium, making it particularly lightweight and stable. At the same time, the compact construction gives you virtually free rein in your choice of rifle.