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Scatto preparato JEWELL senza sicura, ideato per la caccia high varmint

Regolabile da 42 a 1587 grammi (1.5 oz. to 56 oz)

The Jewell trigger is one of the finest triggers ever made for the competition shooters and varmint shooters and plinkers.
Action Fit: BAT, Farley, Hall, Nesika Bay, Remington 40X, Remington 7, Remington 700, Shilen, Stolle Panda, Wichita



The Jewell Trigger design is covered by 17 claims in Patent No. 4671005. The unique geometry was designed to allow minimum load at the sear engagement point and to provide maximum adjustability in pull force, sear engagement, and overtravel without removing the action from the stock or the trigger from the action.


A. Internal parts are 3/16″ 440C stainless steel, heat treated and tempered throughout to 58 Rockwell ‘C’ scale.
B. Side plates are .050″ aircraft grade 300 series stainless sheet steel.
C. All hardware, including through pins, main spring, spacers, and screws, are stainless steel.


A. Modular design allows total disassembly for maintenance and cleaning.
B. The forward mounting spacer and a pin in the firing pin stop that operates in a hole in the left side plate allows the trigger to stay together as a single assembly when not installed.
C. The light load at the sear enables short, crisp, creep-free, and repeatable operation.
D. Installation: The mounting hole pattern allows use in most actions that use Rem 700 type trigger.

Range of Adjustment:

HVR (Hunting/Varmint Model) with:

– Spring A: 8.0 to 56.0 oz.
– Spring B: 2.0 oz. to 16.0 oz.
– Spring C: 1.5 oz. to 3.0 oz.
– Pull above 56 oz. (3 1/2 lb.) optional

Note: Settings below those stated is NOT recommended.

1. Positive Cam Safety (BR or HVR), either:
   – Bottom lever, left or right.
   – Top-mounted lever (Rem. 700 type) left or right.

2. Bolt release lever, (Rem. 700 type) left or right.

3. Two-stage operation (HVR only).



The firing pin block (11) is held in the cocked position by the vertical alignment of upper lever (6) and lower lever (7) which is captured in the locked position by sear (5).
Rotation of the trigger shoe (4) releases sear (5) from the upper lever sear (8) allowing the upper lever (6) and lower lever (7) to collapse to a folded position (see Figure 2), allowing block (11) to fall, thus releasing the firing pin.
The levers (6) and (7) will stay in the collapsed position until the boft is open, at which time spring (10) forces levers (6) and (7) back to cocked position. Sear (5) is reset by rotation of upper lever sear (8) on its pivot pin (13). It is maintained in a down, loaded position by the end of spring (10).



Jewell Triggers are grouped into these three models.

HVR, Bench Rest, and AR Styles

HVR - Hunter Varmint Rifle

    Pull weight of 1.5 oz. to 3.5 lbs.
    Spring kit included
    Factory preset at 1 lb.
    Adding the safety and the bolt release is your choice.
    The safety can be positioned right, left, top, or bottom.
    This model will fit any Remington 700 or and custom action built on the 700 pattern, in addition to the 40X Centerfire and Rimfire.
    The HVR Winchester will fit any year Model 70
    Some trigger guard/stock fitting may be required for the Winchester Model 70

BR - Bench Rest

    Pull weight of 1.5 oz. to 3.0 oz.
    Factory preset at 1.5 oz.
    No safety option is available.
    BR/BR - Bench Rest w/Bolt Release installed
    Pull weight of 1.5 oz. to 3.0 oz.
    Factory preset at 1.5 oz.
    No safety option is available.
    The BR models will fit any 700/40X or custom action made on the 700 pattern.


    The AR large pin, .169, is designed to fit the Colt brand.
    Two-stage trigger with a pull weight of 1 to 7 lbs.
    The AR Rock River pin size .157 is designed for the Rock River brand only. Same specs as the large pin.
    The AR small pin, .154, is designed for all others. Same specs as the large pin.