Armory and Varide

Varide Cicognani was frequently rifle shooter and a member of the National Team; the last time in 1994 at the “300m” World Championships at Tolmezzo and as coach from 1982 to 1997; he has always enjoyed preparing competition long-range rifles and made it his profession, repairing and building weapons.

In the gun shop located in Forlì, Varide Cicognani designs and manufactures gun stocks and innovative accessories such as:

  • stocks for competition rifles
  • stocks for hunting rifles
  • bench rest stocks
  • butt plates
  • scope mounts
  • cleaning rods
  • bipods for scopes
  • rifle sights
  • line of sight extension for air guns
  • pommels
  • extensions
  • shooting benches with stool.

As a one-of-a-kind gunsmith and shooter, Varide emphasizes the critical importance of technological innovation in details . Some parts cannot be manufactured in his laboratory, therefore they are made by the same company which produces accessories for a famous Formula 1 car brand.

Among Varide Cicognani products, stocks are the most famous and required items. They are manufactured using different raw materials and types of multilayer, fitting assorted colours and different types of wood.

Among the finest stocks, the ones made of walnut, light alloy and carbon fiber are worth being mentioned.

Keen customers appreciate benchrest stocks, and stocks for 300 meters target shooting, stocks for free rifles with action back of about 12 cm, which makes loading and cocking easier and quicker, without removing the rifle from shoulder. Furthermore, Varide Cicognani manufactures the trigger return, which maintains the trigger in the usual position.

Varide also creates multi adjustment butt plates and prototypes for 10m rifle and for firearms models, some of which are produced in cooperation with the German shooter and manufacturer Maik Eckhardt and along with the technical expert and coach Heinz Reinkemaier.

At Cicognani's gun shop super tech accessories are also available, like the adjustable bipod for scopes, made of different finishing and titanium accessories for shooting. Bench-rest buffs can find a vast choice of carbines for BR-50 and BR-100, 200 and 300. The choice of products ranges to rests, tripods and cushions, benches and stools.

Varide Cicognani is not only a designer and a manufacturer. Moreover, the gun shop is a point of sale of highly qualified brands and it also provides several services such as:

  • Importer of Anschütz products
  • Anschütz Official Customer Assistance for Italy
  • Sale and assembly of sight system and scopes
  • Varga Scopes
  • Importer for Italy of Kelbly rifles

A few years ago I met Varide at his gun shop in Forlì, at the inauguration of the ballistic tunnel, with shooting ground up to 200m. I was impressed by his shooting sport career, as well as some targets hanging on the walls with shot groups at 300m, he achieved freehand.

Varide’s passion for shooting led him to start his gun shop, although it is not just a shop for benchrest lovers; the same modern building houses the production of items specifically designed for shooting and reload, including stocks both for free rifles and benchrest rifles. Benchrest 22LR in particular, recently are becoming popular both in the Italian championship and other competitions, even at European level.

During our meeting, Varide let me have his Kelbly's Stolle-Panda 6 PPC, which he successfully used in some benchrest competitions, even in the U.S.

Many shooters had required that rifle to him, but he never sold it, till that day. To tell the truth, I was rather unaware of the world around benchrest and precision shooting. On one hand I was happy for his decision, and on the other this sort of present, sparked the interest within me for this type of weapons, technology and competitions.

Varide also started off many other hunters and enthusiasts towards shooting and the correct approach to this sport and hobby. The appropriate attitude requires attention to details, a constant research of the best components on the market.

When we want the best out of our weapon, in order to evaluate ourselves as shooters, we have to gradually get closer to the above mindset . In this approach Varide Cicognani has always stood for his know-how and availability; being himself ready to lend a hand to novices as well as to arrange training for experienced shooters.

I wrote this extensive preface in order to introduce the first edition of Varide Cicognani Catalog you are about to browse. The catalog is the result of years of hard work and research. Here's how Varide Cicognani Gun Shop has become a worldwide resource for all the friends, shooters and hunters.

Next to the products branded Cicognani, you can enjoy the best international items, from products for reloading Made in US to the "no-way" which are useful for all of us but that are often hard to find.

Cannot find what you are looking for on the Internet or offline? Just call up or email the gun shop, if there is a chance, Varide is your definitive answer.

For foreign customers, the gun shop is located in Forlì, a town only 30 km by car from the Adriatic Coast of Emilia-Romagna, and about 60 km south-east of Bologna. Besides, the ballistic tunnel, nearby the shop premises, has been built for testing weapons and demonstration purposes.

Last but not least, don’t forget to browse the catalog in your spare time or when you’re off to bed: I always find a solution to a problem, something new to try out or something which whets my appetite. I’m sure you all will be carried away.


Il Poligono di Tiro

Il poligono dell’Accademia Italiana Tiro di Precisione offre ai clienti di provare le proprie armi o quelle fornite dall’Armeria. Disponiamo di varie linee per arma lunga, da 50 mt a 200 mt, e per arma corta, da 10 a 25 mt.

Avere il tunnel balistico all’interno della nostra attività ci permette di servire i tiratori a 360 gradi: allenamenti, test carabine, test munizioni, tarature, assistenza tecnica durante la sessione di tiro, ecc. L’esperienza di Varide Cicognani è sempre al servizio dei tiratori che utilizzano il nostro poligono: sia per quanto riguarda eventuali riparazioni o accuratizzazioni tecniche che per consigli e lezioni di tiro.


Calle de la Batallola 11 - Puerta n.7
12500 Vinaros - Espana

+34 699 970619